Genoapay simply splits the total purchase price over 10 weeks and you get the products and services you need now.

Use Genoapay in stores or online

Create your Account

Please visit www.genoapay.com and set up an account before choosing Genoapay as a payment option at checkout - Please note we will use your mobile number to complete your Genoapay payment schedule so please include your mobile number in your account contact details.

Purchase what you need

Ask for Genoapay at the service or retail provider where you need to pay . You will pay for the total purchase over 10 weekly instalments from your bank account credit or debit card.

Manage your payments

Log into your Genoapay account when you like to track payments, select preferred payment days and receive special offers from our merchants.


Signup here

No long annoying applications

Registration for Genoapay takes under 2 min and can be done on your mobile phone.

Direct debit

When you pay on time you only ever pay the purchase price. If you don’t let us know, Genoapay charges a late payment fee of $10

Payment success