Why buy an Ex Lease Laptop or PC over a new device!

Ex lease or off lease laptops and computers are great buying and a good option for your home or business. Ex lease laptops & computers are built out of higher grade quality materials and will outperform and last longer than most of your average retail based computers & laptops.

Ex lease laptops and ex lease computers new are like a top end motor vehicle with a top end motor vechile  price. For example an HP Elitebook laptop brand new can cost upwards of $2500.00 as compared to a retail HP unit that can be purchased for $500.00. The difference is in the quality of the build and the quality of the components used and ultimately the amount of power the device can call on to motor through software tasks. Some Ex lease IT products are like the V8 & V12 of the computer world so when you buy an ex Lease V8 or V12 you pretty much will pay the same price as maybe a brand new V6 or even a little bit more. It’s the same scenario for ex lease IT products the V8 and V12 laptops and computers will cost just about the same or if not a little bit more than a new retail based laptop. But the quality and performance of an ex Lease laptop/computer in some cases will far outperform some of the mid to higher end retail based laptops two fold!! 

At PC Traders our staf are experienced in finding you the right solution for your computing needs. If it’s a powerhouse workstation or web browsing laptop we have the right model for you. Don’t forget we offer a 12-Month Hardware Warranty on over 90% of our ex lease IT products and Free Shipping on all orders!

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