(M19)ORIGINAL HP 18.5V 6.5A 5.5X2.5MM POWER ADAPTER.– PC Traders Ltd

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Product Code:
  • AC Input: 100 ~ 240V   50~60Hz
  • DC Output:    18.5V    6.5A     120Watts
  • Connect size: Internal Diameter: 2.5 mm
                            External diameter: 5.5 mm



Compatible model:

 316688-003, 317188-001 316682-003, 316688-001, 316688-002, 344895-001, HPOW121F3,

PA-1121-02H, PA-1121-12H, PPP017s, PPP016L, PPP017H, PPP017L, PA-1121-02H, PA-1121-12H,

DC687A, DC687A#ABA, DC790A, F1454A, F1781A, F4814A 

Supported Laptops                                                                                                                                              

HP Pavilion ZD7000 Series: ZD7000, ZD7001ea, ZD7001us, ZD7005ea, ZD7005qv, ZD7005us,

  • ZD7009ea ZD7010ca, ZD7010ea, ZD7010us, ZD7012ea, ZD7015us ZD7020us, ZD7030us,

  • ZD7035ea, ZD7038ea, ZD7040ea, ZD7040us, ZD7045ea, ZD7048ea, ZD7049ea, ZD7050,

  • ZD7050ea, ZD7050us ,ZD7055ea, ZD7058cl, ZD7060ea, ZD7063ea, ZD7065ea, ZD7066ea,

  • ZD7070ea ZD7101, ZD7101us, ZD7102us, ZD7112ea, ZD7120ea, ZD7128ea, ZD7129ea,

  • ZD7131ea, ZD7139ea, ZD7140us, ZD7141, ZD7141ea, ZD7143ea, ZD7144ea, ZD7145ea,

  • ZD7150ea, ZD7160us, ZD7168cl, ZD7168ea, ZD7169ea, ZD7170ea, ZD7180us, ZD7188cl,

  • ZD7198cl ZD7202us, ZD7228ea, ZD7230ea, ZD7230us, ZD7235ea, ZD7245ea, ZD7249cl ,

  • ZD7250ea, ZD7255ea, ZD7258ea, ZD7260ea, ZD7260us, ZD7265ea, ZD7269cl, ZD7280us

  • ZD7310ca, ZD7310us, ZD7320ea, ZD7348ea, ZD7349ea, ZD7360us, ZD7373ea, ZD7374ea,

  • ZD7375ea, ZD7376ea, ZD7080ea, ZD7377ea, ZD7380ea, ZD7380us, ZD7382ea, ZD7383ea,

  • ZD7390ea, ZD7392ea, ZD7395ea ZD7998us, ZD7999us

    HP Pavilion ZV5000 Series Laptops: ZV5000, ZV5000T, ZV5000Z,ZV5001, ZV5001AP, ZV5001US,

  • ZV5002, ZV5002AP, AV5003, ZV5003AP ZV5014, ZV5014EA, ZV5015, ZV5015EA, ZV5016,

  • ZV5016EA ZV5025, ZV5025AP, ZV5026, ZV5026AP, ZV5027, ZV5027AP, ZV5028, ZV5028AP,

  • ZV5029, ZV5029AP ZV5030, ZV5030CA, ZV5030US, ZV5034, ZV5034US, ZV5037, ZV5037WM

  • ZV5040, ZV5040EA, ZV5045, ZV5045EA;

    HP Pavilion ZV5100 Series Laptops: ZV5101ap, ZV5101us, ZV5102ap, ZV5103, ZV5103ap, ZV5105us,

  • ZV5111ea, ZV5112ea, ZV5113ea, ZV5114ea, ZV5115ea, ZV5116ea, ZV5117ea, ZV5119ea ZV5120ca,

  • ZV5120us, ZV5121ea, ZV5122ea, ZV5123ea, ZV5124ea, ZV5129cl, ZV5129ea, ZV5131ea, ZV5132ea,

  • ZV5133ea, ZV5134ea, ZV5136ea, ZV5138ea ZV5140ea, ZV5142ea, ZV5142qv, ZV5143ea, ZV5149ea,

  • ZV5150ea, ZV5157ea, ZV5159ea ZV5160ca, ZV5160ea, ZV5160us, ZV5161ea, ZV5167ea, ZV5168ea,

  • ZV5169cl, ZV5169ea, ZV5171ea, ZV5173ea, ZV5175ea, ZV5180ea, ZV5183ea, ZV5185ea, ZV5191ea

    HP Pavilion ZV5200 Series Laptops: ZV5200ea, ZV5201ea, ZV5202ea, ZV5202us, ZV5203ea, ZV5204ea,

  • ZV5205ap, ZV5205ea, ZV5206ap, ZV5207ap, ZV5207ea, ZV5208ap, ZV5208ea, ZV5209ap, ZV5209ea

  • ZV5210ap, ZV5210ca, ZV5210ea, ZV5210us, ZV5211ap, ZV5211ea, ZV5212ap, ZV5212EA, ZV5213ap,

  • ZV5213ea, ZV5214ap, ZV5214ea, ZV5215ap, ZV5215ea, ZV5216ap, ZV5217ap, ZV5217ea, ZV5218ea,

  • ZV5219ea ZV5220ca, ZV5220us, ZV5222EA, ZV5223EA, ZV5225ea, ZV5226ea, ZV5227ea, ZV5227wm,

  • ZV5228ea, ZV5229ea ZV5230ea, ZV5230us, ZV5231ea, ZV5232ea, ZV5233ea, ZV5234ea, ZV5235ca,

  • ZV5235ea, ZV5235us, ZV5236ea, ZV5237ea, ZV5238ea ZV5240ca, ZV5240us, ZV5240xx, ZV5245ea,

  • ZV5246ea, ZV5247la, ZV5250ea, ZV5255ea, ZV5255us, ZV5257la ZV5260us, ZV5265ea, ZV5267la,

  • ZV5268ea, ZV5269ea, ZV5270ea, ZV5270us, ZV5271ea, ZV5272ea, ZV5285ea, ZV5287la, ZV5290ea

    HP Pavilion ZX5000 Series Laptops: ZX5000, ZX5000 (CTO), ZX5001, ZX5001us, ZX5002, ZX5002ea,

  • ZX5003ea, ZX5005ea, ZX5008ea ZX5010ea, ZX5011ea, ZX5012ea, ZX5020ea, ZX5022ea ZX5030ea,

  • ZX5035ea, ZX5037ea, ZX5038ea, ZX5039ea ZX5040ca, ZX5040ea, ZX5040us, ZX5041ea, ZX5042ea,

  • ZX5043ea, ZX5044ea, ZX5045ea, ZX5049ea ZX5050ea, ZX5051ea, ZX5052ea, ZX5060us, ZX5065us,

  • ZX5070us, ZX5078cl

    HP Pavilion ZX5100 Series Laptops: ZX5109ea, ZX5113ea, ZX5128ea, ZX5129ea, ZX5151ea, ZX5159,

  • ZX5170ea, ZX5180us, ZX5190us

    HP Pavilion ZX5200 Series Laptops: ZX5265ea, ZX5273ea, ZX5275ea, ZX5280us

    Compaq Presario R3000 and ZT Series: R3000, R3000XX, R3000US, R3005, R3005US, R3015, R3015US,

  • R3017, R3017CL, R3045, R3045US, R3050, 3R050US Series ZT3068, ZT3068CL Series PC 3019CL PC 3020US,

  • PC 3045US, PC 3050US, PC 3070US PC 3080US

    HP Pavilion D Series: DM788A, DM788AR,DM790A,DM790AR,DM791A, DM791AR,DM793A,DM793ARDN730AV

  • DP353E,DP446U, DP447U,DP448U, DP448UR , DP761E, DP762E,DP763E,DP764E, DP765E ,DP766E,DP768E,

  • DP769E,DP770E DR340U, DR768E, DR770E, DR769E,DR089U, DR089UR, DT859U

    HP/Compaq Business Notebooks: Nx9000, Nx9010, Nx9020, Nx9110, Nx9500

    HP Pavilion ZV5300 Series Laptops: ZV5301ap, ZV5301ea, ZV5302EA, ZV5303ea, ZV5304EA, ZV5307EA,

  • ZV5308ea ZV5310ea, ZV5310us, ZV5315ea, ZV5316us, ZV5320ca, ZV5320ea, ZV5320us, ZV5321EA, ZV5322EA,

  • ZV5323ea, ZV5324ea, ZV5325ca, ZV5325ea, ZV5326ea, ZV5326us-b, ZV5327ea, ZV5328ea, ZV5329ea ZV5330ca,

  • ZV5330us, ZV5331ea, ZV5340ea, ZV5340us, ZV5342qv, ZV5343us, ZV5346us, ZV5347wm, ZV5348rs, ZV5356us-b,

  • ZV5357ea, ZV5358ea, ZV5359ea, ZV5360us, ZV5362ea, ZV5364ea, ZV5365EA, ZV5366ea, ZV5367ea, ZV5367wm,

  • ZV5368ea, ZV5369ea ZV5370us, ZV5371ea, ZV5372ea, ZV5373EA, ZV5374ea, ZV5375EA, ZV5376EA, ZV5377ea,

  • ZV5378ea, ZV5379ea ZV5380ea, ZV5380us, ZV5381ea, ZV5382ea, ZV5383ea, ZV5385ea, ZV5386US, ZV5390ea

    HP Pavilion ZV5400 Series Laptops: ZV5400, ZV5400t, ZV5401ap, ZV5402ap, ZV5402ea, ZV5403ap, ZV5403EA,

  • ZV5404ap, ZV5404ea, ZV5404us, ZV5405ap, ZV5405ea, ZV5405us, ZV5406ap, ZV5407ea, ZV5408ea ZV5410EA,

  • ZV5410us, ZV5411ea, ZV5412EA, ZV5413EA, ZV5414EA, ZV5415ca, ZV5415EA, ZV5416EA, ZV5417ea, ZV5418ea,

  • ZV5419ea, ZV5420ca, ZV5420ea, ZV5420us, ZV5421ea, ZV5422ea, ZV5425EA ZV5430us, ZV5434RS, ZV5436EA,

  • ZV5437EA, ZV5438ea ZV5440ea, ZV5440us, ZV5445EA, ZV5445us, ZV5446ea, ZV5450ca, ZV5450EA, ZV5450us,

  • ZV5452EA, ZV5454rs, ZV5455ea, ZV5455us, ZV5456cl, ZV5456ea, ZV5457EA, ZV5458EA ZV5460EA, ZV5460us,

  • ZV5462EA, ZV5463ea, ZV5464ea, ZV5465ea, ZV5466cl, ZV5466EA, ZV5467EA, ZV5468EA, ZV5469EA ZV5470EA,

* This is an ex-lease, refurbished product in excellent, pre-loved condition unless stated otherwise.
* All equipment is provided with the necessary cables for full operation.
* All laptops come standard with laptop chargers & charger power cable.
* Product operating systems are loaded and system drivers are installed
* Our products are ready to be used out of the box.
* 12-Month Return To Base Hardware Warranty Unless Stated Otherwise (excludes laptop batteries & adapters)
* Fast Free Shipping Nationwide 2-5 Business Days
* Our team are experts in refurbishing used IT Equipment! Over 50,000+ customers served
* Require more units than the quantity advertised? Contact us now we can source the volumes you require +64 (0)9 215 9892
* Images are for illustration purposes only
* Errors & omissions excepted
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